Historical County Data

Red rose

The red rose of Lancaster

White rose

The white rose of York


John M. Turner, Lytham St Annes

A website dedicated to providing free resources for anyone interested in Lancashire and Yorkshire. The information will be useful to anyone engaged in family history research and those generally interested in the history of these counties.

I live in St Anne's-on-the-Sea, Lancashire, but started life in Todmorden, Yorkshire West Riding, later moving to Rochdale.

Researching my own family history was the starting point that has broadened into a general interest in history, and in particular the history of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Some of the resources that I have assembled from my own work form the content of this website, which I offer as thanks to the many people who have helped me by willingly sharing their research over the years.

If you wish to contact me, please use the email address below.

John M. Turner

Lytham St Annes

NOTE: This website will close on 14 June 2023 owing to a huge rise in hosting fees.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who recognises the below image. I initially thought it might be Frieldhurst Farm above Vale, Todmorden, but now I'm not so sure.