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Search Tips

Enter a name in the search box, then click the Search button. A search may be more successful if only part of a name is entered into the search box. For example, searching for Abbey finds Abbey Stead, Cockersand Abbey, etc.

It is also important the remember that the way place names are written has changed over time, for example, Abbey Stead may sometimes be Abbeystead.

The default search strategy is Contains, but this may also be set to Begins or Ends.

Where the results show an InGaz field, Yes indicates that the location will be found in the Gazetteer of Lancashire and Yorkshire on the Gazetteers page. Searching there may give spelling variants and map sources.

Various strategies are provided for personal name searches. The Surname strategy may be Contains, Begins or Ends. Additionally, Sounds Like matches similarly sounding names. For example Hiley also matches Highley.

The forenames strategy may be Contains, Begins or Ends. Additionally, Variants allows similar forenames to be found. For example, John also matches Jno, Johnny, Jack, etc. When using the Variants strategy, if more than one name is entered, only the first will be taken into account.