Christopher and John Greenwood produced maps for many English counties in the early nineteenth century. The maps are to a scale of 1 inch to 1 mile. The index to their Lancashire map presented here is for a map published in 1818. The map may be viewed at the Lancashire County Council website.

In the eighteenth century Thomas Jefferys produced maps for government and other official bodies. His map of Yorkshire was surveyed in 1771 at a scale of 1 inch to 1 mile. An index accompanies Jeffreys's map, but it is incomplete. The index presented here includes every named location on the 1775 reprint edition of the map. The Digital Archives Association have an excellent version of Jefferys's Map for sale at a reasonable price.

The Todmorden maps indexed here are dated 1852, at a scale of 1:1056, and 1892 to 1963, at a scale of 1:2500.

An unsuccessful search for places on these maps may be caused by unfamiliar spelling. In that case, perform the same search using the Gazetteer of Lancashire and Yorkshire on the Gazetteers page and look for spelling variants.

Greenwood's map

Part of Greenwood's map showing the Fylde

Jeffreys's map

Part of Jefferys's map showing the area around Skipton, West Riding