Lancashire Hundreds

Figure 1. Lancashire Hundreds

The county of Lancashire was anciently divided into administrative units called hundreds, parishes and townships. The number of townships in the county gives rise to over 500 data files, so it was necessary to divide them into groups and the hundreds have been used for this purpose. Figure 1 shows the locations of the hundreds and this should give an indication of which hundred to select.

Alternatively, to view a list of all the units, expand the Township List section below. The first part of the unit name is the parish, followed by the township. If a third part is present, it represents a subunit of the township, or sometimes a detached part.

Townships List

At the bottom of the list are a small number of units within Yorkshire West Riding. The parishes of Mitton and Rochdale span the county boundary; others are present because of my interest in the area around Todmorden. (In Yorkshire the name Hundred was not used; they were called Wapentakes.)

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